"Those who move forward with a Happy Spirit will find that things Always Work Out"

Gordon B.

​About Me


With over 30 years experience I have been counseling and assisting others in all aspects of life. I specialize in extremely toxic relationships, romantic, family, friendships, business relationships, etc. This includes cyberly e.g. cyber stalking, bullying and on how to better safeguard yourself. Know that you are not alone and know that what is happening to you is real. I can also point you in the right direction if outside assistance is required, depending upon your situation and or case.  

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Therapy Spirit

My Approach

My Background

Using my special psychic gifts I am able to detect sources of negative, toxic energies in and around your life and help assist you in healing and freeing yourself from toxic people and situations. I can also help in assisting you to recognize and identify the warning signs of many toxic individual personality types along with an array of coping skills to further protect yourself. I infuse healing energy (cleansing) along with protecting your energy field to help assist in raising your vibrational frequencies to attract positive outcomes and energies to any and all situations in your life.







I am a natural born intuitive/psychic​ with a background in psychology. I have assisted and consulted many people on various issues and concerns having to do with ones life path. I help with various relationships of all kinds and also help to solve very difficult, problematic situations. Specializing in Psychopathology. I have spent countless hours working in the field conducting independent research and study along with my very own experiences in order to have a greater understanding on how to better help and assist others with the vast knowledge I've acquired throughout the years. I am also trained in Reiki healing therapy and energy cleansing.